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What you should know about wisdom tooth removal?

Getting your wisdom tooth out is a very common thing. However, it is not essential to get your wisdom tooth removal done if it is correctly positioned and is not causing you any pain or other dental problems. Hence, you should consult your dentist before you decide on wisdom tooth removal. Your dentist will examine the wisdom teeth and tell you if removing it is necessary.

When you are heading to the dentist for wisdom tooth removal, you should consider the following things:

Take a Buddy Along

It is important for you to take someone along with you to the dentist when you are to get your wisdom tooth removed. This is not just for moral support but because you will be medicated during the surgery and it takes a few hours for the medication to wear off. You friend will drive you home after the surgery.

Keep your Head Raised

After wisdom tooth removal, you would experience swelling. This swelling reaches its peak nearly 24 hours after the surgery and then starts to subside. To deal with swelling, you need to apply ice packs. Also, you will have to keep your head raised. Keeping your head raised will pull any fluids away from your head and keep the swelling from becoming worse.

Get Enough Rest

You might need some painkillers after the anaesthesia wears off. Take these painkillers as suggested by your dentist. Taking heavy doses of painkillers might be risky. Instead you should catch up on some rest. Getting enough rest will help in the healing process.

Stock up on Soft Foods

When you have your wisdom tooth removal done, you should ensure complete dental care. Do not aggravate the treated area to avoid infection and allow it to heal properly. It is important to keep your food choices limited to soft things. Soups would be great. Any pressure on the treated area might cause dental problems.

Skip the Tooth Brush for a Day

After the surgery, you will want to clean your mouth. However, you should not touch your toothbrush for a day. Rinsing and spitting is also not allowed. When you can’t hold on, you must take a damp cloth and wipe the inside of your mouth and your tongue. Do not touch the stitches. You could use a gauze in order to absorb any blood.

These are some of the things you need to know about wisdom tooth removal. Get your wisdom tooth removed only if the dentist suggests to do so. And follow these tips after the surgery is done. This will ensure dental care and faster recovery.