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Root canal treatment is performed when the thread-like pulp inside a tooth gets diseased, decayed or damaged and can damage the tooth from the inside. It is a great alternative to tooth extraction as it allows the tooth to be retained by preventing further damage. Once the damaged pulp is removed, the canal is cleaned and sealed off to stem the spread of the disease further into the tooth.

The pulp is most commonly damaged due to a cracked or injured tooth due to a severe knock to the tooth and due to a deep cavity. If the infected or damaged pulp is left untreated, it can cause a pus build up at the root tip of the jawbone which will cause an abscess. An abscess will destroy the bone surrounding the tooth and cause severe pain.

Root Canals

How is a root canal done?

Depending on the extent of the damage to the pulp, there are different ways to go about a root canal.

  • An opening is first made through the back of the tooth and the diseased pulp is removed through a process known as Pulpectomy.

  • Then, the chamber is cleaned, enlarged and prepared for filling as required.

  • If the process takes more than one visit to Heritage Oak Dental, your dentist will insert a temporary filling inside the root canal to last until your next visit.

  • Then the temporary filling is removed during the next visit and the canal is permanently sealed. This is done by using a special type of permanent filling called the Gutta Percha and cement and sometimes even a small metal or plastic rod is inserted into the cavity to provide structural support.

  • Lastly, a crown is placed atop the tooth to resemble the natural appearance of the tooth. If the tooth is quite broken, a post is required to add height to it before a crown can be placed onto it.

How long does a Root Canal last?

A root canal can last a lifetime, with good maintenance and care. Treated teeth are also prone to damage if proper oral hygiene is not followed and maintained. The absence of tooth pulp in teeth with root canal operations leads to them becoming brittle. This should be considered when deciding whether to opt for a crown or filling. Your dentist at Heritage Oak Dental will help you decide which tooth restoration option is better for you and also provide tips for proper oral care following your treatment.

A root canal can be painful but is absolutely necessary to prevent an even more serious condition which will cause you unbearable pain. If you follow all the instructions that our dentist gives you, then managing the pain will become easy. So, before that damaged tooth pulp turns all your teeth into pulp, get it checked by experts at Heritage Oak Dental and nip it in the bud.