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Knowing the difference between a dental emergency and a normal dental health problem can save you a lot of pain and money. Dental emergencies require immediate medical assistance and should not be neglected. These are the most common types of dental emergencies and some dental care tips to practice if you have any of the following.


If you are experiencing a toothache, rinse your mouth using warm water to clear any debris and provide temporary relief to the aching tooth. You can also floss gently to remove particles lodged firmly between teeth which could be causing discomfort. If you cannot see your dentist immediately, taking pain relief medication can help you with the pain. Using a cold compress pressed to your cheek can also aid with pain relief. If your toothache is so severe that you cannot sleep or bite, you should get immediate emergency dental care.

Emergency Dental Care

Broken teeth

Broken teeth cannot be re-attached unless it is done within an hour of breaking. If you have a broken tooth, save it in a small cup of milk and clean the area thoroughly. Use a clean piece of gauze to stop the bleeding at the spot where the tooth has come off. For any swelling, apply a cold compress to the spot. Be sure to seek emergency dental treatment to get the tooth re-attached within the hour.

Dislodged tooth or crown

A dislodged tooth also requires immediate emergency dental care as they cannot be reaffixed if too much time elapses after the dislodging. Ensure you save the dislodged tooth in a small container with some milk and salt and take it to the dentist. You can also try to put the tooth back in its socket to see if it can be affixed manually. If not, you should seek professional treatment.

Dislodged crowns can cause pain in the open socket if not taken care of properly. Dab some clove oil available at your local pharmacist to ease the pain.

Loose or lost fillings

If you lose a filling, your exposed tooth will cause you unbearable pain. You need to get an emergency dental care appointment with Heritage Oak Dental to get it taken care of. In the meanwhile, you can place a piece of sugar-free gum in the exposed area. Ensure that the gum is sugar-free as it will result in pain if it is not.

These are some of the things you can do if you are facing a dental emergency. You should not, however, neglect any of these problems and get a dentist to look at them right away. You can always book an immediate appointment with Heritage Oak Dental for all your dental emergencies.