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Cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the aesthetics of your smile by employing various cosmetic dental procedures. Broken, chipped, misshapen, discolored and damaged teeth can look as good as new with cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry has advanced to the extent that anyone can sport a perfect smile which looks completely natural with its help. There are several different cosmetic dental procedures which can improve the appearance of your smile without affecting your dental health at all.


Whitening teeth is a common cosmetic dental procedure and is widely popular. Those who have discolored teeth can opt for the whitening process to make their smile look better. Whitening is not used just for patients with discolored teeth. Individuals with dull and yellowed teeth can also undergo teeth whitening to brighten their smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth discoloration is a common occurrence among coffee and red wine drinkers, smokers and is sometimes also caused by certain types of medications and food groups. The discoloration can be reversed by teeth whitening and stains disappear after one session at the dentist’s office.


Bonding or filling, as the name suggests, is the filling of broken or hollowed teeth to make them appear perfect. Conventional metallic gray filling materials have been replaced with more natural looking teeth-colored ones. These fillings are so identical to the tooth color that it is impossible to distinguish between a normal unbroken tooth and a bonded one with filling. These advanced bonding materials last for several years and can also be used to fill spaces between teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing look.


Irregularly shaped teeth and crooked teeth can be reshaped and contoured to appear straight and more uniform. Tooth reshaping is also used to alter the size, shape and position of the tooth to make it fit better with the rest of the teeth. Problems with biting can also be fixed using contouring and reshaping. This technique is commonly used along with bonding.

This procedure is for those who want slight changes to the appearance of their teeth and to perfect their smile. The dentist will take an X-ray to determine the size of the tooth and the extent of reshaping that needs to be done.


This treatment is also used for altering misshapen and crooked teeth. It employs thin pieces of porcelain placed in front of the tooth to improve its appearance. This porcelain will be bonded to the tooth using a special type of tooth cement after carefully buffing the tooth to reduce its thickness. Veneers address the same tooth problems as bonding treatment but last longer than bonding.

When you smile, you want to look your best. Whether it is a job interview or your wedding day, a good smile can make the right impression. At Heritage Oak Dental, we give you just what your teeth need to get the perfect smile. Depending on the condition of your teeth, we will conduct bleaching, bonding, contouring or veneers according to what they need, bringing back that wonderful smile to your face. So, set up an appointment with us if you want to have a flawless smile.